The Missing Science in Medicine

Simple facts.
Simple truths.
Simple Reasoning.

You will be able to understand what science teaches us. When you are engaged in your own health, when you are willing to take responsibility for your own healthcare, you do need to know what is priority and what isn't. When you want to make decisions about your own health, you do need to know what disease is and how it comes about.

As a former family doctor, the information contained in this document and recorded talks has been reason enough for me to quit medicine. Over many years I gathered stories and became aware of thinking patterns, which forced me to question what I was doing. I started realising that the problem wasn’t the different products and methods used but that the approach to illness and health, the idea behind the deeds, has a much deeper impact than any of the arguments and statistics about health we hear every day.

This is a three part series about the science behind everything we know about life. Once a theory has become a truth it is wise to include that truth in all aspects of life, including health management. It is ludicrous to pretend to aid healing if you ignore knowledge about the structure of life itself.

In part one we examine what testing and measuring really means in scientific terms. This is crucial as the medical profession relies so heavily on these results. We come across the value of levels found in blood tests, such as nutrients, vitamins, hormones, sugars, and so on. Here we learn what the main function of glands is. Besides blood tests, lots of pictures are also being taken to visualise the inside of the body but how do we know exactly what we are looking at? How do we obtain these pictures? How can we frame all this information within the science we already know?

In part two we investigate how disease begins, how it manifests itself in nature. We talk about inflammation and infection, which gives us an insight into where exactly to place germs in the picture of the disease process. How do epidemics occur? What does the science of New Biology teach us in relation to the biological processes of health and disease?

In part three we take on board what science already knows about the structure of life. It is important to know this, as our ideas about diseases have to fit into this framework of general scientific knowledge, which then can be used to organise an effective healthcare system for the individual.

I hope you will manage to work your way through this information which has all been put in simple terms and in easy to follow logic without straying from the truth. Science is not difficult; once understood it can be explained in simple terms, as you are about to find out. This is for you to consider and to make up your own mind about truth.

Enjoy. This forms the basis of any self-respecting system for health management.

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