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Patrick Quanten


When you grow up in a system that is obsessed with avoiding illness as a way of staying healthy it is no wonder we are becoming more and more frightened. As the medical profession, our experts and pool of knowledge, shows us more and more things that may make us ill, we feel the noose tightening around our necks. There isn’t much that seems a safe bet anymore. Nothing left that will guarantee our good health. We need to exercise, and then we hear about young fit and sporty adults that just drop dead. We need to eat healthily, and then they tell us everything has been spoiled, even the things they advised us that were safe. Health advice twists and turns every few years and seems to fold back unto itself after the passing of time. Regular radiographic breast screening for the random population was stopped all together because of clear signs it was creating more cancers. Years later, when we have all forgotten about it, it is brought back as the absolute lifesaver.

Fear of becoming ill rules our life. The continual search for the right remedy and the perfect prevention occupies our thought processes. Panic occurs when we no longer know what is right and what is wrong, what to do and what not to do. Experts are constantly contradicting one another, but luckily only the right information is being released to the public by the authorities. This in itself is a wonderful statement from a free society, proud of the freedom of speech. Yes, we are free to think what we want and free to speak about it. As long as nobody hears us!

By now, we should have understood that it is impossible to maintain health, to prevent illness, by focussing on details, by trying to measure life to a pre-set standard, introduced by human beings ‘in the know’. Time is proving us constantly that keeping your blood cholesterol level to the set standard does not prevent any heart and circulation diseases, nor does keeping your blood pressure under control. Eating healthy food does not ensure me a disease free life. Protecting myself against the sun rays does not protect me from getting skin cancer. Indeed, it very much looks like the said protection is actually causing skin cancer. Vaccination does not prevent infectious diseases. In general, protection and prevention don’t seem to have the predicted effect of guaranteeing my health. Why would this be?

From human history and taking into account how other people, other than the Western civilisation, present and past, have described disease and have defined health it should be clear immediately that health is not dependent upon small details of life. Health is being described as maintaining a balance in life. Not just a balance in the blood sugar level or the hormone cycle, but in life. Life means all aspects in life, large and small. And every aspect has an influence on that balance. Disease occurs when life gets out of balance. Restoring the balance then becomes the prime objective of life itself. It has a build-in restoration mechanism, a natural healing process, that automatically gets activated when a serious imbalance occurs. When you have been burning a lot of energy and there has been too little time for the system to clean up the resulting waste that is left behind after the energy has been burned, you may get a fever, a sore throat and ‘the flu’. You don’t feel so well. You want to lie down, close your eyes, not think about anything, stay home from work, and you don’t feel hungry. All of these are daily activities that are being shut down so the system saves energy and creates time to do the very necessary clean-up. While you are not feeling so well, you are actually healing. You don’t need to ‘rebalance’ your temperature; your system requires the fever to quickly and efficiently burn up the mountain of waste you have accumulated. The system is making a serious effort to bring you back into balance, and if you let it, you will feel refreshed as soon as this episode spontaneously passes.

Health is your balance in life. How easy is it to live your life, to get through the day, to perform the tasks you need to complete? When you are in balance your life flows and hits very few obstacles, and when it does they pass very quickly. You will never be held up for a long time.

The balance in your life is personal. What you require for your life to flow will be different from what your neighbour needs or what I need. Hence, there is no expert who can tell you what will prevent you becoming ill or what is guaranteed to keep you healthy. There is no ‘this is good for everybody’ protocol in life. The better you understand your own life, your own real requirements in life, the better you will be able to maintain your balance and the healthier your life will be.

A healthy life is not related to the age at which you die. A healthy life is about the easy flow of energy during your life, for as long as your life lasts. And yes, the less energy one spends on performing the tasks in life the more there will be left in the tank and the further we can go. However, nobody really knows how big your tank is! Not everybody in this life has the same type of engine. We are all, as human beings, constructed in very different ways. Some of us may only have a short life because that was all that life was destined for. The only thing we can say in relation to this point is that when you keep your life in balance you will be able to get the most out of it. No guarantee for a long life, but a guarantee of a life with less struggles, less conflict.

The balance in life is dependent upon all aspects of life. Everything counts. Everything has a role to play in maintaining that balance. That role is not a constant either. Aspects may be very important during a certain period in life. They may weigh heavily upon life and some time later their influence has diminished drastically. For instance, the importance of keeping warm as part of staying alive may be far greater during a severe winter than it would be during the summer. Also the accumulation of aspects that deliver a similar message to the system, that put similar strains upon the system, is an important factor in maintaining balance. Maintaining the functional temperature of your system depends on the temperature of the environment. However, it will become even more difficult to survive when at the same time of it being cold there is a chilling north easterly wind blowing and you are eating ice cream all the time. Again this shows that no expert can give you a list of circumstances and living patterns for you to adhere to in order to avoid illness. You can never determine all facets of somebody’s life. The end result, balance or imbalance, is the result of an accumulation of factors. We can spend the rest of the life span of this universe trying to figure out which combination when is making whom ill.

Let’s focus on what health is, on what disturbs the balance in life. Before I can understand what is getting me out of balance I need to understand what is keeping me in balance. What is this balance we talk about?

The balance of everything that is part of life, of my life, has to involve everything that my system is connected to. But I am connected with everything in the universe because I am part of the entire universe! Indeed, and that means that everything in the universe is potentially interfering with my balance. So, from now on you can blame it on the moon or on the sun activity or on whichever star you fancy that could be shouldering the blame for your mishap in life. Nobody can actually prove that you are wrong. The real question here is: “Am I getting better when blaming the stars?”

Everything has an influence but the state of your immediate environment, close to home, has a louder voice in your life than the cosmic background noise. In the larger picture of your life, when we draw the plan of your living space, there are components that loom large around you and others that are present in the background. And yes, as we said, these positions do change over time but for a situation further away from your life to have a real noticeable effect on your life its power, its strength, has to increase to burst out onto the frontline of your life. Just as we see with natural disasters, some of which clearly affect the entire globe, it is much worse for you when it happens right where you are. The further you move away from the site the more the impact (the power of the event) diminishes. It takes up less space, time and energy, in lives elsewhere.

This means that when we want to examine our own imbalance in life it would be wise to consider the largest parts of our lives in the first place. Rather than trying to blame your stomach upset on the tomato you ate at lunchtime it would be much more enlightening if you first were to examine situations and influences that play a much larger role in your life in general terms than the poor tomato. What are some of these things then?

Have a look at where and how you spend most of your time. The more time you spend in a certain situation the more likely it is to have a big impact on your life. Well, there are things such as home life, work life, family life. A lot of our energy is invested in our family, whether we are conscious of this fact or not. Growing children are supposed to break free from the family ties or at least push their family influence to the back. Why? To become an individual. As long as you are very close to the family you originated from the influence of automatic unconscious family reaction patterns in the way you live remains very high. It is our duty to break free, to take the family patterns and mould these into a new life, adapting these to an ever changing world. Changing old patterns into a new format is adapting to a changing environment and helps to maintain the individual’s balance within that environment. When your jacket is pinching you in various places it is because you have outgrown it. You will need a new one. And yes, you may prefer one that has a similar style and design but, for sure, it needs to be a different size. Life has to fit you!

When we have set up our own life, when we have started our own family, we need to adjust to that new and different situation and we need to adapt our skills to fit our new needs. However, this situation changes all the time too. Think about children growing up and having different needs. Again there is a demand for change, for adaptation. And sometimes our old patterns, our old choices, our old wishes, are no longer worth the same they were. Sometimes the balance between what I require at this stage in my life is so different from what I required a few years back that it brings me out of balance. I am struggling to keep going. I am struggling to keep my balance. I am struggling to keep living – this way. Relationships become strained. When the pressure is on it is because of changing circumstances, changing needs and fulfilments in life. This will have a big impact on your daily functioning and thus on your health. Is the partnership you have formed filling you with joy and allowing your energies to flow freely? Does that partnership need an update, a review? Is it time to do some work on the structure of our relationships and how we have allowed these to develop? Do I need to bring them in line with the new requirements in my life? Working on something does not necessarily mean chucking it away and replacing it.

We have chosen a particular career. Or have we? Was it truly our own choice or did it come out of a family pattern rather than out of my own heart? We have a job. We have a career. We are building our future. We are spending a lot of time and energy on this project. Even a meagre thirty six hour week still makes me spend a lot more time in a work environment than I spend eating. So the impact of work and career on my life, on my balance, will be great and cannot be dismissed as an insignificant influence on my health. Consider both parts of work: there is the subject of the work and there is the framework in which the work is being done. In other words, what is the job itself doing to you and what are the circumstances of the job doing to you? The job is an expression of who we are, of what our talents are, of where our commitment lies in life. It is very important to us and if the coat does not fit anymore we seriously need to consider changing it, in some way.

So, when we are taking responsibility for the balance in our own lives we need to consider all aspects, all influences, on that life. However, it makes a lot of sense to pay most of the attention to the parts that occupy the largest time, space and energy in that life. You want to lead a balanced life, which will ‘protect’ you from disease, you definitely need to take a closer look at the basic construction of your life. Here are the three main fields to explore:

1.      How much impact have family patterns on my decision making in my life?

2.      Is my life in balance with the life of my partner?

3.      Is my job/career a true reflexion of the ingredients of my life?

These are the main fields we need to put our attention to if we want to remain in balance, if we want to remain healthy. All other influences, although they exist and have an impact, only truly show once the above are in balance.

This is how life has been constructed and how it functions. You may not like it and you may prefer the root of your problem to lie elsewhere, but just remember that nature existed a long time before humans appeared and that nature has been functioning for a long time according to its own laws. Human beings are part of nature. We have sprouted from nature. And we obey the same natural laws. Nobody is asking for our consent. It just happens that way. We are free to believe anything we want to but that will never change the course nature follows. And it takes us with it. Kicking and screaming blue murder will not alter that.

Whatever the environment you are surrounded by you may want to remember that you do not need to allow all of it to upset you, to influence you. You can choose to ignore certain messages because they are too disturbing for you. I would urge you though to take notice of the messages that nature is bringing you. Put your attention right   there. It will give you less time to pay attention to, and you will have less need to pay attention to, messages from other human beings. I’d rather listen to the old master himself than to the new kid on the block.

Nature has been operating according to simple laws since the beginning of time.

Human beings are little know-it-all’s who still have most of it to learn but who like to show off how knowledgeable they think they are.

I have made my choice of master.



November 2019

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