The Monetization of Wealth and Goals

Limiting the Unlimited 

Robert Ryder

A family holiday    £2 000

A new car             £15 000

A home                £200 000

New boots            £60

Loaf of bread        £1.50

Jar of honey          £4

Fish and chips        £9

The list goes on. Pretty much all of our wants and needs can be given and have been given a monetary value. To have this, it will cost you that amount. If you don’t have that amount you can’t have this. Hence a constant need to get more money or a bigger slice of a very controlled pie.

But we know money is man-made. Therefore all the things we want exist without money, as they have been given to us for free in the form of earthly resources. Basically this means that with good ideas, willingness to work and good cooperation everything is free without the need for money.

As we have seen in other articles about money we have a very controlled system where a few people create money and then decide where the slices of the money pie go, mainly back to them of course. This debt-based system limits creativity and production, which is all to suit the faceless men at the top and to keep the status quo. A credit-based system, which is built on production, a system like the Bradbury Pound,  would mean all creativity and ideas can be backed by money, which will create unlimited human productivity , will not be as planet damaging as we are led to believe because taking debt out of money means real sustainable production is possible.

We have also looked at the nature of value in other articles and shown that we can decide value personally and it can be flexible to our present needs. Bartering a great example of fair exchange on goods and services.

But is there another way?

All my adult life I have seen that if you want something you need to work hard, save money and make sacrifices to achieve your goals. This sounds logical when we put a monetary value on a goal and if it is beyond our present income. Simple maths mean spend less then you earn, eat egg on toast for a few months, no extras, and eventually you will have saved enough. This I have done with great success in my life and it has enabled me to travel and see many great things.

Work hard, live cheaply and make sacrifices, and then blow the lot doing the things I really want to do!! Sounds like I am only spending half of my life really living and the other half saving to earn the right to live. But the more you spend time living, the harder it is to go back and earn the money for really live again.

As I am getting older, my dreams and desire to really live are still there but the energy to earn the right to that live is dwindling. It is becoming a bit of a tired and repetitive experience.

Why on earth do I have to earn a living? Why can’t I just live?

The monetary value we put on goals is something created in the mind. The “soul” just wants. It can see ALL possibility and just wants, like a child who just wants that toy in the shop. The excited soul cannot understand this fake value we put on things and the limitations it creates. It sees and it wants.

At a time when I was realizing my energy and even desire to earn money as a way of achieving goals was dwindling, a lady gave me some books to read, “Reality Transurfing”, which was all about the power of intension and the power of attracting things into your life. Maybe the right information at the right time. I had read a lot about the “law of attraction” before but as my money saving method of achieving goals had served me well in the past, I had no reason to change anything. That was until Patrick Quanten on one of his trips to Cornwall, leading a health seminar here, asked me when I was worrying about getting his expenses covered for the trip, “Why do I worry so much about money?” I guess it was time to transfer the knowledge I had gained into not allowing money to be that important in achieving things!

By constantly putting a monetary value on things I was actually limiting universal possibility.

The system that I had always worked and that I thought was based on hard work, and that I experienced as being part of my success,  may have actually been successful due to my mind-set. I was absolutely convinced I would get the money for my goals. There was never any doubt in my mind. My limited understanding at the time saw only the hard work. Now looking back on it I can see the focused mindset totally confident of achieving my goal. I was going to work hard, save this amount, then go away and do that. No doubt, no hesitation.

Letting go of one way of doing and achieving things opens many other doors to other possibilities. Not having a fixed idea of how you will achieve your goals frees you up to just move forward, exploring all opportunities. Yes, that still may mean money but it could also mean opportunities without money.                                                                                    

An easy example is the following. Maybe you want to live in Italy in a country house and farm organic crops on the land. So you put a monetary value on the whole idea and calculate if you can afford it. If yes you go , but if haven't got enough money your dream ends. Simple. But now, with an open mind about how your goal can be achieved, who knows, an offer may turn up out of the blue to live in a country house in Italy and look after it for someone who is moving away but doesn’t want to sell a family house and there is enough land to grow as many crops as you need. They may even pay your costs over there. These things do happen but you have to open yourself up to the idea.

I myself, for years, have never paid for fresh fish, honey or fish and chips, as I get them in return for services.

When having a goal, whether it be a fixed goal or maybe a type of lifestyle, best to be clear in your mind about what it is you want and how it will feel to already have your goal right now. Walk forward with the feeling of already having what you want. Play the role, if you like. Know the path to the goal may not be what you think, so let go of how but try to be aware when an opportunity comes along. Does it feel right?

Bring together the inner feeling and then use your mind to make the right decision. In “Reality Transurfing”, the author says it is like getting up and going to the corner shop for your morning paper. You just get up and go. No doubt the paper will be there and no doubt you will get there. You just go. Yes, maybe you will chat to a neighbour on the way or get side-tracked by something else but you just keep going to reach your goal.

And remember be careful not to think that the physical goal you believe is the be-all and end-all, you  may find that it is really a representation of how you want to feel. So maybe having a successful business is really about having self-worth. So maybe that may manifest in another way.

And don’t forget the only thing you have is “now”. Putting life on hold whilst you save and sacrifice to really live some other time means you are not truly living your present. Having a goal of travelling through Italy in two years time and spending the two years with your mind in Italy means you are missing out on present reality. Your future or possible future has actually become your present. Have goals and dream of fulfilling them in the future but don’t forget there is only now and you don’t have to sacrifice the present for a future. Live in the now and dream of the future in a balanced way and don’t forget you can dip into the past for experiences and lessons but the now is all you have

"Ask and it shall be given”.

But we need to be sure what we are asking for and how we are asking. The universe doesn’t care about listening to words. It is the emotions and the intentions behind the words that get picked up. So be careful what you ask for as you just might get it!!

Until debt-free credit comes in, which it must, we have to be open to other alternatives to pursue goals and happiness. It does have limitations at the moment as the people who control the money also control energy and are trying to control all food and water which will make us totally dependent on them. As long as everything has a monetary value and they control money, we cannot be free to pursue goals and dreams. We do, however, have free access to universal manifestation. Does it really work? There is only one way to find out.

Try it. It doesn’t cost you a penny!


April 2019

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