The power lies with the individual.

Do you feel the power within you to live life according to your own beliefs? Then this website is for you! We would love you to tell us what we can do to feel that power too.

Do you feel life can only be lived according to the rules "they" have implemented in your life, leaving you to feel completely powerless? Then this website is for you. Here you will find ideas and suggestions to make you think about how you can claim your power back.

Self-empowerment is not about fighting the enemy. It is about feeling empowered to live your own life. It is not about being the boss. It is about a freedom of mind. A mind that has released itself from the shackles of its past, from the place where it has adopted opinions and beliefs that have been used to hijack your life. Being imprisoned makes one feel helpless and powerless.

Self-empowerment is to free yourself from the conditioning that has stunted growth and encapsulated your life. When "protection" becomes a prison it is time to plan the Great Escape. Take your power back. Make your own decisions. Live by your own rules.

In order to find out what is required to do this we offer opinions and suggestions from a great variety of people on a great number of aspects of self-empowerment. We gather information to unearth the lies and half-truths that keep us a voluntary prisoner of fear. You are entirely free to use that information how you see fit.

Maybe here you find confirmation of things you have intuitively known for a while.
Maybe here you find ideas that enable you to make important changes in your life.
Maybe here you find answers to the practical questions of how to change the world, beginning with yourself.


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